Ateliers de Sensibilisation à l'IA & ChatGPT

150+ collaborateurs de PME formés en 2023


Speaker for a joint AIC / Go Beyond Network / Switzerland Global Enterprise / Greater Geneva Bern Area on-line event 26.10.2021

"It was so eye-opening. (...) I understood how AI systems have to be inclusive and representative of all of us--users, stakeholders and builders of the AI systems--for the system to be trusted (...). Do continue to bring awareness to small- and medium-sized businesses of the benefits and the menaces of AI in our 21st century world."

Gloria C., Senior Inclusion, Diversity and Gender Equality and Equity Associate at UNHCR

Intervenante chez Von Rohr & Associates

04.05.2021 22.06.2021

"Nous avons eu plaisir à accueillir Catherine Charbonnier qui a présenté ce que l’IA apporte dans le recrutement à nos clients en transition avec beaucoup d’engagement et de passion."