The best way to develop products and services is to rely on a rock-solid ethic. 7 key ethical principles stand out in the current ocean of ethical charters developed for new technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence:


Droople, a Swiss cleantech, applies these 7 "commandments" in real life to build the Water Internet.

These fundamental convictions help this startup to make better ethical decisions in an extremely professional way. All stakeholders understand what is being measured and how the data is being used. This "glass box" concept mitigates the risks associated with unethical behaviors and takes advantage of the opportunities to co-create a smarter water world.

This paper, published in the June 2021 edition of Smart Water Magazine, highlights how crystal clear best practices build strong ethics for the digital world. It is also available on Droople website and the French version can be found on our Ressources page.


If you're looking to find out why ethics is important, learn about the fundamentals of ethics in AI, have examples of AI bias, here are the posts you need. Published on LinkedIn in 2021, they are gathered here for a condensed reading (in French):

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