A doctor in Robotics and Computer Science, Catherine first moved to Switzerland in 1995 for her post-doctoral studies at ETHZ and joined CERN in 1997. Since then Catherine has built up a solid experience in bridging the gap between Technology and Business, such as in the CRM implementation at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).


Teaming or leading digital transformation projects in multicultural environments in non-profit and private sectors with varying organizational styles, she is trustworthy and pragmatic. She is in tune with her audience's needs, responds consistently and proactively provide valuable information, insights and tools. She facilitates collaboration, fosters engagement and delivers benefits.

Coming back to her roots and to keep updated with the fast-paced AI technology development, she earned a certificate from Stanford on-line course on the famous Machine Learning course delivered by Professor Andre Ng. She is fascinated by the pace of change in the 21stcentury and how what she studied yesterday has materialized today.

2019 ML certificate

Catherine loves connecting the dots: between Technology and Business, projects, stakeholders, ideas… She learned that success is all about people. Projects based on collaboration, diversity and respect deliver the best innovative solutions and benefits to everyone. A very pragmatic person, she is a strong fan of continuous improvements. She helps organisations turning vision into action, focusing on:

  • DIGITAL: how to identify the value of digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence.
  • RISK: how to grasp opportunities thanks to a robust risk process.
  • DISRUPTION: how to navigate thru the waves of changes in a VUCA world.

Catherine anchored XpertIA in Switzerland, at the heart of the innovation ecosystem. She actively contributes to bring positive change by building trust and establishing relationships that make sense.

Born and raised in the South of France, Catherine enjoys the Swiss culture, quality of life and the Alps. Every year she loves sailing on the Mediterranean Sea to resource with her roots and family.

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